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The FAME Cards ~ 40 prompts based on key elements of creativity

Play is our brain's favorite way of learning. ~ Diane Ackerman

FAME play awakens your natural flow. You make contact with
creative energies you didn’t know you had.


After years of facilitating others' creativity, through one-on-one mentoring, workshops and retreats, cross-disciplinary specialist Connie Frey developed a reliable creative stimulus for writers, teachers and creators of all ages. In quicksilver fashion the FAME prompts ~ Focus, Awareness, Momentum, Expression ~ rouse creative productivity. Spontaneity and imaginative responses occur naturally. Order the pocket-size muse for solo or group play, or contact Connie for bulks orders. Have fun with your creativity!

Group and Solo Players Say . . .

Writers at the premiere teen group realized:

  • The cards challenge the boundaries of a set mind.

  • I had the opportunity to explore dusty locks of my writing . . . go beyond the door.

  • Interesting: the forced idea in flow. That is, the cards force me to do a certain thing.

  • The cards make you think and go to other parts of your imagination.

Writers at the premiere children's group suggested using FAME:

  • when you're bored and have nothing to do

  • when you have a little idea but need a bit to continue on

  • to help you get ideas and write more often

Writers at the premiere adult course remarked:

  • I can have fun - don't take the act of writing too seriously.

  • Playing FAME was stimulating and catalytic.

  • There's value in spontaneous writing exercises, bypassing the intellect (figuring out beforehand what to write).

  • The Momentum cards prompted me to get going and keep going.

Writers at the premiere adult workshop experienced:

  • spontaneous, unexpected focus of topic

  • renewed commitment to writing

  • unlocked creative expression

  • breakup of a log jam of several years

“Simple, provocative, and helpful, Connie Frey's little deck of creative prompts provides a stepping stone into writing, whenever we want, wherever we are. I keep a set in a tiny bowl on my desk and draw on them for spontaneous inspiration. Also great fun to use in groups, everyone drawing a card, or everyone writing on the same prompt.” ~ Christina Baldwin (author of Storycatcher and other titles)


“They were a wonderful catalyst in my work! The group took on a sense of fun, which is something that tends to be lacking with this population at this stage of sobriety. I love bringing out the talents and treasures from individuals who are so beaten down. It provides a wonderful sense of empowerment.” ~ Certified Addictions RN


“When I get ‘stuck’ in my writing, the cards that suggest physical movement help me loosen up and come at it from a fresh perspective.” ~ Marlene Grand Maitre (poet in two anthologies, Breaking the Surface and Mocambo Nights, and numerous journals)


“I pull a card from the deck and use it to guide and inspire my dancing.” ~ Todd Wilson, dancer


“They’re a handy, pocket-sized tool. I carry them to the beach or on my hike, along with my fold-up watercolours. The size allows me to have them on my person, when I need them, rather than sitting on a shelf at home. The cards refresh my brain. They’re very personal and work like the mirror does for my painting. They turn things topsy-turvy by shaking my perspective up. No one can give me that view of myself, or my creativity, except me.” ~ Linda Macfarlane, artist


“I like the surprises each card offers. Each one set me on a path right away. The excitement of the FAME deck is like opening a new gift each time.” ~ Travel writer in process of becoming a novelist


“I was dubious at first, but after having them around for a while, working with some of them and having so much fun, I now view them as a reward: ‘Oh man, if I get enough done then I can pick one of these cards!’ No expectations, no demands – that was an important thing for me!” ~ Academic and nonfiction writer


“In the morning I pull one card from the FAME deck and use it to get into my writing. I loved the card that read ‘Interact with . . . any concrete aspect of your environment’. I thought about it for a second, then danced with the wall! Wow, what creative fun! Thank you for these gems of inspiration.” ~ Christine Terry, writer


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