Via Skype or phone or in person

Come in comfortable clothing, ready for a private lesson paced to your individual needs, which may or may not include physical touch (with permission). Here are comments on benefits from women who have experienced InnerSPA:

Over 14 years with fibromyalgia, I felt better during various treatments, but not so much or at all afterwards. With my InnerSPA sessions, the effects carry over. I've developed awareness skills and inhabit myself in a way I never knew existed. In daily life I monitor my condition and make better decisions. What a difference when I treat my body as a friend, rather than a ferocious enemy out to get me. ~ Woman with fibromyalgia

At my innerspa I develop awareness of bodily states without judgment, but rather with curiosity. What calls my attention? How does it feel? Under your creative tutelage I experience the pleasure of living fully and genuinely in the present moment. ~ Professor

In our sessions, I found out that my feet had 'forgotten' how to move, they'd become stiff and nearly inflexible. Since we awakened my ankle and toe movements, I have never had another fall. ~ Retired woman

I gained an increased awareness of my body and its needs. I particularly love having ways of integrating this into a workday. ~ Career counselor 

As I change the way I think about my body, my physiology changes! Until I have it in my body, it's only a concept in my mind. . . . It's true, 'you don't have to do anything to get out of your own way'! ~ Jazz singer 

I am not as old as I thought! I learned the pain I had been living with for some time wasn't permanent. ~ Registrar 

As a scientific person, this was another planet for me. My understanding of this is still unclear, but somehow it works. ~ Woman with a chronic illness

What was particularly remarkable was how it felt as if you were allowing what was evolving, what was being created in the moment, to move. . . . Your gentleness helped me find my own self-acceptance. ~ Actress 

I take up your ingeniously crafted prompts in ways available to me in the moment. Voila! I notice my sensed body has changed without my having to "do" anything "to it" and I am more at ease. My body purrs! ~ Professor

It felt really nice to be able to touch into the senses, summon up some pleasure so quickly. ~ Woman with fibromyalgia

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