Attention is the most basic form of love. ~ John Tarrant
MOVEMENT OASIS FOR WOMEN 60+ ~ Enlivening & Soothing
Stay juicy through creative freedom, pleasure and fresh perceptions
Wednesdays, September 8-29, 10-11 a.m. Pacific [full; waiting list taken]

As a woman who loves free movement, dance or another embodied practice, do you want to refresh and rejuvenate by drawing on your innate natural resources?

Movement Oasis, a form of somatic self-awareness through creative play, awakens your sense of aliveness, quickens your imagination and calms your nervous system. You'll be offered a guided, yet self-paced, way to tap the springs of lifelong learning to:
  • sense more fully
  • move more freely
  • imagine more richly
Participant interests, curiosities or challenges are integrated into the design of most weekly gatherings. At all times, you're welcome to participate in your own way, at your own pace, through guided activities to:
  • take time, space and liberty for yourself
  • dive into the body pleasure of movement and stillness
  • pop the lid off your creative playfulness
  • experience your animating spirit and biointelligence
  • enjoy your unique moving self in a respectful group
Group size is limited. Using Zoom you are NOT expected to be on camera during your sensing, moving, resting adventures. We join on screen for greetings, prompts and (optional) sharing.

Some participant remarks:
  • My awareness and pleasure expand so easily.
  • Your somatic approach is new to me. I'm surprised by how capable I am.
  • I am reinvigorated. The dynamic language you use to guide us bypasses my thinking mind and goes deep into my embodied mind.
  • Movement Oasis is full of surprises and new awareness of how imagination can be used and nurtured, and how you can feel many different sensations and be aware of your body's own wisdom in movement.
  • I reconnected with my love of creative movement expression.
  • I haven't done this since I was a child!
  • One aha is how much more I experience presence.
Each monthly series is four consecutive weekly one-hour gatherings for $40 (sliding scale available according to need). Any questions are welcome by email or phone.

Register: A) Canadians, e-transfer payment to address in announcement email or shown here. Movers from outside of Canada, use for payment in US dollars. B) Everybody, please send a few words about what brings you to Movement Oasis at this time, along with your payment.

PRIVATE LESSONS/TUTORIALS (any gender or age)  A minimum of 6 private InnerSPA lessons over 3 months is recommended. The basic hourly fee is $80. I welcome you to arrange a time to discuss your needs, interests or curiosity about embodied learning through sensory and movement awareness ~ with no obligation. Check out some benefits. If we are a good fit, we'll follow your interests to explore accessible movement and fresh aliveness in a personalized learning adventure.
Phone or email with any questions and booking requests.

Not taking new clients; waiting list only

We now know that trauma compromises the area of the brain
that communicates the physical, embodied feeling
of being alive.
~ Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Respectfully guided activities
  • prompt healing through psychophysical self-awareness
  • strengthen self-acceptance through body confidence, and
  • provide bodymind practices for healthier daily living.
This nonjudgmental client-centred approach, informed by Dr. Frey's background in hospital, clinical and other health settings, is designed for current clients of professionals who refer for a series of 3 or 6 hour-long lessons. Inquiries are welcome from potential clients and referring professionals.

CONTACT  E-mail your confidential inquiry or phone 705-775-2773 in Peterborough or from elsewhere in Canada and US, 1-866-406-0281 (toll free).

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