Attention is the most basic form of love. ~ John Tarrant
PRIVATE LESSONS  Private InnerSPA lessons of one hour are available on Skype and phone, and in Peterborough there is the option to meet in person. Basic hourly fee is $80. A minimum of six lessons over three months is recommended. You are welcome to contact Connie with questions related to your needs, interests or curiosity about embodied learning through sensory and movement awareness.

We now know that trauma compromises the area of the brain
that communicates the physical, embodied feeling
of being alive.
~ Dr. Bessel van der Kolk

Respecftully guided activities
  • prompt healing through psychophysical self-awareness
  • strengthen self-acceptance through body confidence, and
  • provide bodymindful practices for healthier daily living.
This nonjudgmental client-centred approach, informed by Connie's background in hospital, clinical and other health settings, is designed for current clients of professionals who refer for a series of three or six one-hour lessons. Inquiries are welcome from potential clients and referring professionals.

CONTACT  E-mail your confidential inquiry or booking request, or call 705-775-2773 in Peterborough or from elsewhere in Canada and US, 1-866-406-0281 (toll-free).

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